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I love web :)

Web Developer

Hi, I am 29 years old. MAC user. I am from Czech Republic in Europe. I am communicative geek with outgoing personality. Fan of Good Old Games. Also CrossFit guy and proud member of BonyToBeastly program. I play piano and acoustic guitar :)

I love all web related stuff. I take things apart in order to understand what makes them tick. Then put all back together to make the core even better and more efficient.

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Technical Skills

What I use on daily basis


Daily bread. Source of solid foundations for every project.


I am sorry but there is no "lemon yellow" only #f1c40f ;)

JavaScript / jQuery

I am no guru but I get the job done every time.


What can I say. Pure CMS love at first sight.


"All your base are belong to us." I mean database !


I convert design to code ;)
I am not graphic designer !

Work Experience

Web related stuff


Software / Website Localization Engineer

Customer = Microsoft, Apple, Toshiba. Responsible for: bugfixing, UI / UX design, website code mockups, code adaptation of localized web content, redesign and optimization of websites, multilingual website maintenance and updates.

Nov, 2011


Front End Developer

Customer = ABB. Working as administrator / developer of webshop for 13 countries. Optimization and development of web shop features, plugins and components. Responsible for user database and tickets.



Front End WordPress Developer

Taking care of all the stuff: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Apache, XML, AJAX + SEO. Communication with clients, invoicing, preparing contracts, making documentation for customers, etc.

What people say

LinkedIn recommendations

Vojtech Pridalek

My boss

"Daniel has helped the team with his engineering skills focusing on automating the routine manual bug management tasks, working in the challenging role of bugfixing engineer bridging the linguistic managers and the production teams."

Joep Hein

My manager

"Daniel is a skilled engineer that likes to automate work using excel and scripts. He has done a great job too designing our project SharePoint."

Inka Losseff


"Daniel's is strong in creating all kinds of automation utilities (term processing, all kinds of tracking, etc.). He has gained a lot of experience in bug processing."


Petr Palacek

My colleague

"Daniel is a person who can easily learn everything. I saw it in many fields of IT (development, programming or design). You can tell him one thing only and the rest comes automatically. Even more than you expected. And even if he doesn't know, he can find it somehow. We haven't been working together on many projects before he left our company but I appreciate the knowledge he gave me and the way how he looks at the challenge."


Daniel Popa


"I met Daniel Krsiak while working on different teams, he was my desk-mate. I found him passionate about new technologies, eager to learn all the time, communicative and willing to share his knowledge."


Sorry to disappoint you.

Projects I worked on for the last 5 years were and still are corporate = TOP SECRET.
Other freelance projects are outdated as of now, therefore not fit to showcase.

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Feel free to contact me about any business, HR or games related stuff ;)


Europe > Czech Republic > Brno

(+420) 734 496 308

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